A Member Of Legend Holdings

About Us

Our Philosophy


With the support of capital and management, promote innovation and growth of venture businesses, and drive industry development and social advancement.


  • Become an investment company with international influence
  • Become one of the most valuable and most respected investment company with international influence
    • Sustained exceptional fund return
    • Homerun investor in multiple sectors
    • Reasonable fund size
    • Top-tier team of investment professionals and outstanding corporate culture
    • Respectable and trustworthy brand

Cultural Beliefs

Cultural root in Legend's "Company interest first; Be practical but visionary; People as the key"

  • Pursue fortune of value:
    • Investment team with strict code of professional ethics and expertise
    • Build the partnership of mutual respect and trust with investors and entrepreneurs
    • Practice responsibilities to the society while creating sustained and exceptional investment performance
  • Talent capital:
    • Besides general background and specialized skillset, emphasize learning ability and cultural identification
    • Partners primarily fostered internally and supplemented by external recruitment
    • Maintain a mentorship system, all employees participate in performance evaluation and carry interest sharing
  • Team wins:
    • A partner team with longstanding working relationship, mutual appreciation and tacit cooperation
    • Deal-oriented working groups, and scientific, prudent and efficient collective decision making mechanism
    • A team spirit of shared goals, synchronized values, accountability and mutual responsibility
  • Innovative spirit:
    • "Learning is a way of living". Practice, review and go back to practice; constantly improve through knowledge building
    • Achieve leap-forward development in the spirit of being practical and visionary, with the approach of "Looking at the Picture at a distance", and through the innovation of organization and mechanisms

Investment Methodology

  • Business first; People crucial
  • Proactive value-added services
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