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Legend Capital has the pleasure to participate in your venture endeavors. Please kindly send your business plan to master@texyard.com in the following format:

Legend Capital Co., Ltd. understands that business plans are a business secret. We shall bear the responsibility for keeping the information in strict confidentiality and comply with the following regulations:

  1. Legend Capital Co., Ltd. will not distribute, disclose or share the business plan in any form or manner to any person other than our employees who are fully justified to request to know confidential information;
  2. Legend Capital Co., Ltd. will treat the business plan with prudence as our own confidential files of the identical importance thereto, and prevent disclosing the business plan to any third party.
    Please kindly prepare and submit your business plan with reference to the following Notes to the Key Factors of the Business Plan.

◆ Notes to the Key Factors of the Business Plan

Name of Project (in abbreviation)   Sector  
Name of Company  
Contact Person   Title   Tel. No.
Address of Company  

1. Company Profile

The background and history of the company, the major products/services and the business development status of the company, milestones of the company, etc. (i.e., the key information allows a reader to have key information of the company).

2. Market Analysis

Market segmentation and positioning, features of target users and key reasons of purchase, the market size and growth rate, etc。

3. Products (Services)

Core technologies, product R&D strategies, etc.

4. Marketing and Sales Strategies

Pricing strategies, channel strategies, product marketing and promotion strategies, etc。

5. Competition Analysis

Analysis on the industry, major domestic and overseas competitors, of company itself, the competition strategies, etc。

6. Business Model

The value proposition analysis (What value to users? Which key demand of users met?), analysis on the industry's value chain (an analysis on the industrial value chain with reference to the industry in which the company operates), positioning on the value chain and the combination of such positions (Which sections of the value chain has the company chosen? What kind of combination is formed on this basis?), the analysis on the income model, etc。

7. Business Development Status

The achievements made in technology/product R&D, the achievements made in market expansion, etc.

8. Shareholding Structure of the Company

The shareholding structure of the company, the changes in the past, the background of the shareholders, views on the shareholders, etc。

9. Corporate Governance Structure

The composition of the shareholders' meeting and the board of directors of the company, operation of the shareholders' meeting and the board of directors, the comments of the managers on the shareholders' meeting and the board of directors, etc.

10. Management Team

Biographies of the key members of the management team, comments on these members, etc.

11. Organizational Structure of the Company

The organizational structure of the company, functions of different entities and division of work, the general status of the company operation, etc.

12. Strategic Planning of the Company

Vision and mission, values and core ideas, short-term/mid-term/long-term goals, development strategies and implementation steps, the business plan for the next three years, etc.

13. Financing Plan

The financing size of the company and the percentage of shares to be offered to investors, the plan for the use of the proceeds, the exit plan for investors, etc.

14. Financial Analysis

Historical financial statements, financial forecasts for the next three years, valuation of the company, the estimated return analysis for investors, etc.

15. Risk Analysis

Market risks, product/technological risks, operation risks, management risks, financial risks, etc.

16. Other Information

Other information that needs to be disclosed and valuable to investors according to entrepreneurs

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